School Fete

On Saturday 26th October, St Thomasschool had our annual ‘Spring Fete’! There were so many different rides like the Cha-Cha, Bad boys 2. Two of my favourite stalls were the cake store and the lolly store because of all the yummy cakes and lollies. There also was entertainment. The 5/6 Drumming Beats, 5/6 Hip Hop and 3/4s Singing Sensations performed. Everyone loved it. I hope everyone had a good time at the fete.

By Isabella C

Art Show

“Inspire” is the theme of the Art Show.

In 5/6 SC we though about and produced art work from something that had inspired us.

We had a lot of fun planning what we were going to do.

All the other classes did “AMAZING” art.

Our class piece was named “Disco Fever.”

We all put different patterns on different CD’s with bright and flashy paint textas.

Mrs Cosgrave was a real help with this piece as she thought of the idea. She helped us with the patterns and she put it on a black canvas.


The Art Show

Today, after school, the Art Show opens! We have been working on our individual artwork for ages, so we’re very excited about seeing them tonight.  The class piece is going to be spectacular too, but I can’t say what it is because it’s a surprise!

Mrs Cosgrave came in to help with our pieces and she gave us some great ideas for our individual pieces. I think this year’s Art Show will be the best one EVER!!!

By Claudia


How Do Make A Magic Card

In writing I am working on a procedure. The procedure is how to draw a magic card. I draw a magic card then I show the steps to draw one. There are not many things needed. You only need one magic card a ruler and a pencil. If you would like to colour you magic card to make it look realistic, simply use paint or coloured pencils. Now you know what you need, we can move on to the procedure.

#1 Trace around The Magic Card.

#2 Look at the magic card and draw in any lines and features the card has.

 #3 Now Leave card mana and affect blank.

#4 Now make a creature of your choice.

#5 Do whatever you want now to customise it.

#6 Now just paste or stick your card on to thick paper.

Now you have your very own custom magic card

Writers Workshop

Recently in Writer’s Workshop we have been learning about the purpose of writing. There are 3 purposes to write: to entertain, to inform, and to persuade.  There are lots of ways you can write but all of them branch of from these three ways:


– books

– blurbs

– scripts

– songs


    – reports

    – newspaper articles

    – non-fictional stories


    – debates

    – advertisements

    – billboards

The Art Show!

The Art Show is tomorrow. It’s sooo close. Everyone is very excited. We have all been working very hard. We had to do two pieces of art! Some people did paintings on canvases, while some did spray paintings, some did photography and some just did their own art piece. We not only had fun doing art, but we are very proud of our art pieces. Tomorrow is the auction for parents and the kids get to see the amazing artworks on friday. We will like to thank Mrs Cosgrave. Without her we would have never come this far! We hope our Art Show is a great sucsess.

By Brivina Paulcy