Footy clinic

On the 3rd September all of the 5/6s had a footy clinic. Each grade was split into groups and did 4 rotational activities. Some of the activities where kicking, hand balling, marking and invading. First up our class did kicking. Everybody had a real good time and everybody had a go at everything. We will be continuing these rotations every Tuesday for 3 weeks. We can’t wait to have more fun!

By Ayesha and Olivia

Earn And Learn

In 5/6SC we are doing ‘Earn and Learn’ for our Inquiry unit. The other 5/6’s are doing it as well. Some of the jobs are: Deputy Prime Minister and Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister. We came up with other areas of responsibility in the room such as: the heater filler, blinds, basket, library tub, computers. We are allowed to make our own shops.

We hope everyone has heaps of fun!

By Bella C and Ashlee

Book Club!

In week 6 of term 3 some of the 5/6s started Book Club. First we all got to vote for a book. Some children had to choose other books because there weren’t enough copies of their first choice. A few children have their books on the iPads. Then all the children with the same books get together and read. Once everyone has finished their book we will swap books. Book Club is fun!

Earn and Learn!

Earn and Learn is finally here! Everyone is very excited for it to begin. We have decided the wages. Some people have got positions of responsibility. Some of the positions of responsibility are classroom cleaners, Deputy Prime Minister and blinds people. Yesterday we did our passport photos. We are soon going to apply for a job. We are allowed to start our own business’. Our houses are the tables and chairs. We hope everything will go well and Earn and Learn will be a great time to remember!

Our Adventure With Bob!

Wow, our class got a whole week with Bob the Eco frog. He was clean because Mrs Cooke gave him a nice, long bath but unfortunately his wonderful crown broke and we had to throw it out.

🙁  He sat in our class most of the time so we could play with him the whole time. When he comes and visits you, remember he will not be there forever! Have fun with him.